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Our Story

Astech Consulting was founded in Auckland by licensed industry professionals with extensive accredited laboratory and consulting experience (UKAS & IANZ). We provide a professional and fully independent service and pride ourselves on our proven track record. We have experience that ranges from small scale residential work to large complex removal projects. We are able to work alongside client project teams with specific delivery requirements. Our solid understanding of regulations allows us to cohesively communicate with all relevant stakeholders and contractors. Our consultants will help you achieve compliance and reduce the risk of an exposure. We work with the construction industry, local authorities, property owners and facility managers and are able to provide a full range of asbestos consulting services. 

In an overcrowded market of asbestos assessors and surveyors, why should you choose Astech Consulting?

Not all licensed assessors are equal.

Astech provide an industry leading standard of quality. Our clearance inspections are thorough and detailed, leaving no nasty surprises years down the line. Any potential issues are identified and explained to our clients up front preventing unwanted caveats. Our surveys are clear, consistent and easy for our clients to understand and digest, with practical management advice for any ACMs identified.

What about pricing?
We offer high quality services in return for a very reasonable pricing structure. Expensive removals are not always required, we will provide impartial practical solutions and advice to your asbestos management requirements. 

We understand the New Zealand asbestos market.
Our team of experienced and qualified asbestos professionals have been working in New Zealand for over a decade since the tragic Christchurch earthquakes. We have too often seen the impact of the 'cheapest option' and the future cost implications they cause, when the same job has to be repeated again. We give our clients the peace of mind that once a job is complete, it actually is. 

We care.
Having lost family to asbestos related disease, we understand more than most. Not only should our clients sleep well at night, we must too. We're passionate about keeping you, your colleagues and your family safe.

If this sounds like the kind of asbestos consultancy you want on your side, let's talk.

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